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 This is Lydia speaking!

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Nickname : Lydia
How did you Find out about this site? : It's a long story. read it in my introduction
Fave celebrities : Me, myself, and my dog!
Fav books : anything fantasy
Fav show : TV is over rated
Friend\'s : I think Christmas Cutie
Best Friend\'s : Emma and Abby
Soul sistah\'s : none. Sad
Registration date : 2008-12-09

PostSubject: This is Lydia speaking!   Tue Dec 09, 2008 5:09 pm

Hello! I am Lydia. You will probably get to know me as crazy girl. bounce I came to this site because I was at (that's where you can make sites like these) and I saw this site on the list of most active sites. Well, I clicked on it, just to check it out, not to join or anything. Then I saw it............. NickJonas4ever's name. affraid I think I know NickJ, (now Christmas Cutie) I'm HOPING this is the same NickJ, and if it is, yay! I'm staying whether I know NickJ or not though. And, Christmas Cutie, if you know me you'll know you know me, trust me. Either way here's more about me:
I am coocoo for coco puffs (no, I've never had coco puffs, I just like chocolate).
I like graphic designing a lot.
I dance every waking moment of my life!
I get embarressed Embarassed easy.
I'm in middle school.
I love Christmas!
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Location : Michigan, Where else? xD
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Nickname : Ayla, Nickj, And Nj
How did you Find out about this site? : I am the founder
Fave celebrities : Selena gomez, demi lavato, Taylor swift, rhianna, katy perry, jonas brothers, buck cherry, Fall out boy, panic at the disco, And daughtry
Fav books : Twilight, and warriors!!
Fav show : Suite life on deck, Wizards of waverly place, Drake and josh, Icary, And True jackson Vp.
Roleplay sheet : Save the forest: Buddy, and Sugar.
Stranded on an island: Ayla jonas, and Amber snow
Friend\'s : webkinzrule, jobrofan, Shoppergal, Hotncold,
Best Friend\'s : Lilly, lola,penguinluvha, jacobluver
Soul sistah\'s : Hollagurrl, Soccurluver, lola,Starsmilingthroughmytear
Registration date : 2008-11-03

PostSubject: Re: This is Lydia speaking!   Thu Dec 11, 2008 2:00 pm

YAY!! Welcome Lyd! I haven't seen you around latley!! Wink


♥️ Yes, i do belive in mermaids ♥️
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This is Lydia speaking!
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