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Nickname : Maci
How did you Find out about this site? : I was just browsing through the internet.
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PostSubject: Hello!!!!!   Wed Oct 07, 2009 1:53 pm

I'm new here,
Or I wouldn't be making this thread. ^^
Well, I guess I'll just jot off a few facts about me.
My full name is Mychelle(pronounced Michelle) Salem *somethine, muahaha*.
I go by Maci, or Salem.
I'm blonde, so can be stupid at times. ^^
Um, the way I talk sounds girly, I know, but I'm just normal.
My BFFL is Jori( just found out her full name is Jordan! OMG, because I've been calling her Jori since we were little!)
Don't know what else.
I guess just ask what you want to know.
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